The Pfunky Griddle

I am slowly discovering that Nashville has some really great gluten free friendly restaurants, like The Pfunky Griddle.

Saturday morning, I searched for gluten free breakfast restaurants and this one showed up. I was sold at gluten free pancakes and dedicated gluten free griddle.

What I did not realize was that you actually cook your own breakfast. It is kind of like a Japanese steakhouse where they cook the food in front of you, only you are the chef.

Each table has a built in griddle, but tell them you have Celiac and they bring you a gluten free griddle for your pancakes andΒ dedicated gluten free spatulas. Because the gluten free griddle goes on top of the regular one, the whole table has to eat gluten free, but the pancakes are so good.

Sure, you can make your own pancakes at home, but it was a fun breakfast and we will definitely go back for a leisurely breakfast every once and awhile. Anytime we find a restaurant that goes out of its way to accommodate strict gluten free restrictions, it is a total treat.

If you are in the Nashville area, be sure to stop in!

World Orphan Day

Today is World Orphan Day. With 153 million (yes 153,000,000) orphans world wide, this mission is something that we should be focusing on not just today, but everyday.

Adoption started out as a means to grow our family, but over the past 10 months or so, I have developed a deep passion for orphan care. Once you have the heart for adoption, you are changed forever. I can guarantee that our Nicaraguan adoption will be our first, but not our last.

While adoption is definitely for me, maybe it’s not for you. Maybe you chose to have kids the old-fashioned way. Maybe you choose both. Maybe you choose to not have kids at all. All fine. However, orphan care is something that everyone can take part in.

Today, I encourage anyone who is reading this to learn a little about ways to get involved to support orphans here in the US and all over the world.

Vanilla Cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcakes {gluten free}

A celebration is not a celebration without cake! Eleven years ago today, I started dating my husband. At sixteen, I had no idea I just agreed to go out with my future husband. How about a prom picture for throwback Tuesday? We don’t really do anything overly special for our dating anniversary, but it’s still [...]

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The Selection Series

Confession #1: I read young adult fiction on dystopia societies. Confession #2: The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure. What do you get when you combine the two? Kiera Cass‘s series, The Selection. I would recommend these books to anyone! I picked up the first book over the weekend and the second I finished it, I [...]

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Mushroom and Onion Quiche Muffins

Mushroom and Onion Quiche Muffins

Some of the best things in life are homely. Simple and understated. Perfect example? These Mushroom and Onion Quiche Muffins! Each Mushroom and Onion Quiche Muffin is slightly sweet thanks to the caramelized onions with a touch of earthiness from the mushrooms. Sprinkle in a few spices and this is one recipe worth repeating. To [...]

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Dream Home Inspiration: Textured Walls

Shingle Accent Wall

Yesterday, Chandler and I spent the afternoon strolling through the Fall Festival of Homes. This is an event featuring seven homes in an upscale neighborhood by different builders. I absolutely love looking at houses, so when I learned of this event, it was a no-brainer. Of course we were going! Our house back in NC [...]

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