Big Flashy Sign…or Coincidence?

Oh, adoption. Grab some coffee and let’s chat about the latest page in this ongoing saga!

This past week, we found out we needed to re-do our home study in light of our recent move. I have to admit that it felt like the final straw. It felt like the moment when you take out the Jenga block then watch the entire tower crumble into pieces. Game Over.

I have another appointment scheduled with a fertility clinic and so the million dollar question of last week was treatments versus adoption? Should we cancel the appointment? Schedule another home study? HELP!

Well one night last week, I randomly asked Chandler if he would humor me and let us say a prayer together asking God for a sign. I was thinking big and flashy, preferably with bright neon lights. Like the bar signs with flamingos and margaritas.

Fast forward to Sunday….the very first thing they did during the service (which we almost skipped) was show a video about a community they support in Nicaragua and how they are going on a mission trip December to play with a bunch of kids.

That has to be our sign, right? Our tacky billboard that says Hey Alisha and Chandler… This is the way. 

Needless to say, we left feeling both overwhelmed and a little awe-struck.  Chandler turned to me and said I’m all in. Let’s cancel this appointment. 

So the moral of this story is all hands on deck for this adoption.

We got our sign.

Then Chandler remembered I prayed jokingly for 4 kids and promptly said oh shit… maybe it’s a coincidence after all! 


Embrace your story, every single chapter of it. 


I have some really exciting and unexpected news to share this morning. If you can’t guess from the post title, Chandler and I have our final approval from Nicaragua!!!! You guys, this was totally out of the blue.

It’s kind of funny, I randomly woke up around 4:15 Friday morning and checked email on my phone… and there it was. The email from our lawyer in Nicaragua saying we had our approval. I proceeded to scare Chandler half to death and then he banished me to the couch since I wouldn’t stop talking. ;)

Just the other week, I wrote this post sharing that Chandler and I were at a fork in the road. I think we had both given up on adopting from Nicaragua. We started looking at infant adoption here in the US and we made appointments with a fertility clinic here in the Nashville area. I even started thinking about giving $$$ back to those who donated at our yard sale fundraiser… just the other night.

But let’s back up to infertility doctor’s appointments for a second. Just after I started with one specialist in NC, we moved. I started with a doctor here in Tennessee, only to find out this past Monday that he was leaving the practice. I made an appointment with yet another clinic just the other day then BAM we get this news. Is it a coincindence? Is it signs saying that yes, your path is adoption?

I say signs, Chandler says coincidence… with potential hints of signs. ;)

Either way, I am feeling all of the emotions this morning. Excited, happy, scared. Yes, scared. There is so much uncertainty, so many what ifs, so many unknowns. WHO will we adopt? Boys? Girls? infants? Toddlers? Kids ready for kindergarden? One kid? Two kids? WHEN will this happen? By the end of the year? Sometime next year? What kind of trauma will these littles need help in overcoming?

Now we just wait our referral for 1-2 kids from anywhere between the ages of baby and five. We have hear the wait time can be anywhere from 6 months to 18 months and beyond, but every little step is progress and for that we are thankful!

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